Friday, June 21, 2013

Front Door Reveal

I'm in love! I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it! {as said in Buddy the Elf voice, while jumping up and twirling around on my tippy-toes ballerina style}

A quart of paint (In the Twilight by Benjamin Moore), Venti Caramel Machiatto, Blades of Glory on DVD, and 2 hours later I had a beautifully painted front door! I probably could have gotten away with purchasing a pint since I had about half the can left over, however it leaves me with peace of mind to know I have some backup hiding in the garage incase a touchup is needed or another door is crying out for some TLC {tender loving COLOR--sorry, I couldn't resist!}

Painting a door can be more challenging than it looks. I found this great post on Pinterest labeled with the order of steps to use when painting a door.  I have used this method on both my exterior and interior doors and it has really been a breeze from start to finish.

iPhone 4 quality pictures- I need to upgrade...

Step 1: Paint the inner crevices of the door using a trim brush {mine was 1 inch} Make sure there are NO drip marks in the corners--it's easy to over use paint here.  A little goes a long way.

Step 2: Paint the flat part of the crevices with a foam roller.

Step 3: Using your roller brush, roll horizontally on the top, bottom, and middle areas of the door.

Step 4: Roll vertically in the areas left over.  Be careful not to go over the areas already painted in the opposite direction.  Depending on the year of your door, you can see the natural flow of the paint.



I did use three-four coats of paint on both my exterior and interior doors, however I did not use a primer on the interior.  I did for the outside simply because it was an exterior door and I wanted the paint to really have something to stick to in order to hold up against the weather, pressure washing, etc.  Zinsser makes a great primer that will stick to just about anything!

Exterior Door Before and After:

As I said before, I love paint because it's a quick an inexpensive project where you can see results within a day {depending on your project}.  The paint color turned out just as I had hoped for and I'm exited to spruce up our entry with some inviting decor!  Time to go shopping!!

Yes, there is a recliner in my dining room at the moment--don't judge me...

Yes, it's true--Paint and I are in LOVE again! At least until I complete my next paint project...


  1. Thanks for listing the steps with photos. Now I want to do paint my door too! I just don't know what color yet! Great idea

  2. Thank you Tracy! The good thing about paint is its cheap and easy to change! Good luck on your paint journey!

  3. Your new door paint really makes it attractive. Nice color combination!

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  4. Thanks, Valerie! Nothing like a painted front door to make you feel refreshed :)

  5. You made the entire process sound easy. Thanks for the tips! From immaculate white to elegant black, it was definitely an awesome transformation. I am impressed by how you worked on the paint inwards-outwards. Some would do the opposite and have problems evening out the paint. Looking forward to your other painting project, Jamie!

    -Clint Porterfield @ ANBSR

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