Monday, August 19, 2013

Ready or not, here they COME!

It finally 7:30 this morning my room was infested with 20 eager second graders--I couldn't have been more nervous, excited!

This was the first year I didn't work all summer on school stuff--I know, how dare I!  However, after moving rooms for the 6th time in a row {not bitter I swear}, getting strep throat four days before Back-2-School Night, I think it's safe to say I am happily settled :)

In July I moved to a room that was almost half the size I was in last year.  Wanting to keep the same layout, this presented a bit of a challenge.  I wasn't able to keep things exactly where I had them before, however with a turn of a table {or three} I am very pleased with the way it turned out!

New Room Set Up:

Classroom Jobs & Behavior System

Reflection Desk-Poem for students to read during that time, timer, stress reliever, and student reflection forms

This says it all-download it here!

View from the door
Line Lead & Door Holder labels--migraine reliever!

Writing Center Materials

Table Basket with Labels--download them here!

Writing Center--yoga balls for chairs.  The kiddos WANT to go to writing after they see this area :) I'll take it!

These are the best investment if you have tables in your classroom--we store so much junk  supplies in here!!!

Clock labels--download here!
What was SUPPOSED to be highlighter, pencil, marker, AND glue stick holder...

It has been overthrown...

Reading/ Math Small Group Area--plastic drawers under the table for storage

Genre Tree--it "magically" gets the little ones to remember genres!

Magazine Storage! Three curtain rods, 6 command hooks, and 21 hanging curtain clips! Finally an easy way to display magazines where the students can get to them!  I am very proud of myself on this one :) #toot_toot

Reading CAFE Strategies board--download bundle here!
Teacher Hub AKA "NO ZONE"
Calendar with Engineering Design Process Poster--bundle to come!

Student Mailboxes
Student Laptops--download labels here!
iPad Labels here!

Yes, those chair pockets are jumbo book covers, found at Target for $1! Flip one half inside out and WA-LA!  I use them to keep the headphones in until students need them--frees up clutter from the computer area.
Question of the day & Classroom Reward {Bingo} Board behind it--
Our Best Friends :)
Writing rubric examples, Helpers and "SPARKLE" Writing Display

Writer's Eye Sign and Check List Poster--download here!
Weekly standards/ objectives, Class Score Board, Whole Brain Teaching Classroom Rules, Apple a Day Tree, Voice Level Cards, Can & Can't Do Cards--download here!
Writing Helpers, Editing Wheels, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Class Books, sample alphabets from other countries

Daily 5 Word Work Containers--I change these out every 9 weeks to keep it interesting :)

iMath! Center Baskets--bundle to come!

Back-2-School Night Goodies!

This was on the students' desks when parents came for Open House.
1. Classroom Pamphlet--this contains news and information about our classroom in a fun, easy to read template! It's one of my favorite back to school items :)
2. Classroom Webpage Pencils
3. Homework/ Communication Folder
4. Stick Person Popsicle Stick--students decorate and use this for class scoreboard
5. Remind101 Directions (if you're not using this App you NEED to download it! Super easy and crazy convenient!
6. School Info (too much of that to list)
7. Sweet Dreams Note :)  Another one of my favs
8. Smart Cookies :)

Students wrote on the chart paper while parents were filling out information cards for me--not only did it keep them occupied while their parent's were busy, but it gave me an idea on what kind of writers/spellers/hand-writers  I'd have this year!

QR Reader Sign--another popular item!  Use any QR Code website to link to your class webpage! 

Truth About Second Grade my friends wrote last year--great to have something to display in the hallway for the beginning of the year :)  I loved reading what they wrote!! Makes me miss them a little... 

Had this outside the classroom door for parents to write a Wish or Two for the year--great to find out what parents are looking for from the year

Webpage Reminder Pencils--great for putting on the fridge at home.  Added magnets on these bad boys :)

Used for class Score Board--students decorate the "people craft sticks" from Hobby Lobby--they always turn out too cute!!!

Student Information Cards--THESE.ARE.A.LIFE.SAVER! I love having these for the first day of school--seriously relieves SOOOO MUCH STRESS for the first day and days after.  I keep these in my foldable clipboard and use them all year instead of the clunky information cards from the school.  Seriously, you need these.

Download here!

Mystery Reader packet (parent sign ups), Parent Information sheet (for help in and out of the classroom), Photo Consent Form--download FREEBIE here

Class Wish List--totally forgot to take a picture of this BEFORE the doors opened--I had a total of 20 clouds on here so yay for Wish List goodies! :)

Classroom Information Pamphlet--tells information about me, what to expect from the year, homework, classwork, Star Student, and more! 

Sweet Dreams Booklet--I just love this!

The littles sprinkle the confetti under their pillow the night before school starts--the poem explains the confetti represents all the fun things we're going to do this year. It is precious!

WHEW--I'm tired.  Today was such an amazing first day of school! I am going to have so much fun with these sweeties this year!  We toasted to a fun, fabulous, and fantastic year of second grade.  CHEERS, everyone!



  1. I love your Sweet Dreams Booklet! Do you have that available for download?