Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Apple a Day Keeps the PC Away

One of my favorite things in the entire universe is my computer-I'm in love with it actually. As a teacher, I think that's a pretty obvious statement.  I don't know how teachers taught during the floppy disc era.  I'm pretty sure I would have a daily migraine from looking at that black and green pixelated screen for 10+ hours/ day.

Between my husband and I {the only two human occupants in our home} we have four computers...yes, four. My passion for computers grew immensely when I received my first MacBook in 2008.  Was I apprehensive and totally confused for the first 72 hours? Yes. Did I think Apple just made everything the opposite of what you would do on a PC? Yes.  Am I forever grateful for getting my hands on one of these bad boys because without it I would have been missing out on meeting one of the greatest loves of my life?! Well, let's just say my heart's been fluttering like a butterfly for the past 5 years...

Benson boycotting mommy working over the summer-seriously, how precious is he?!

I'm almost positive Taylor Swift wrote her, "We're never getting back together" song about a PC. Yes, the new operating systems PC's offer now are a lot better than when I was using them in college, however it's nothing compared to what Apple has on the table.  Yes I know, they are a tad pricier than the traditional run-of-the-mill computer, however they are going to last MUCH MUCH longer, if not forever!  I had to say good-bye to my beautiful white plastic Macbook last year when it got in a fight with a Frappuccino on the last day of school :/ It's sitting on the bottom shelf of my office bookcase waiting to be repaired.  Luckily, computer number 3 was there to save the day!

current laptop: MacBook Pro

Below is a list of people that would benefit from using a Mac:

-All Mankind

Well....that pretty much sums it up. {Getting down off my soapbox now...}

When I got my first iMac years ago, I also purchased the Mac Box Set-it came with OSX Snow Leopard, iLife, and iWork.  We mainly bought it for the upgraded operating system, however little did I know two of these programs would work their way into my heart in no time.

iLife includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, and iWeb. *Another plus of using paired products: When I take pictures in my classroom with my iPhone, they automatically show up on all of my computers & iPad through the magic of iPhoto's photo stream!  This is definitely a time & sanity saver if you use class photos quite often for your newsletter, webpage, etc.  iWork included Numbers {similar to excel-never use it due to my hatred of spreadsheets}, Keynote {900 steps up from PowerPoint}, and the mother of all word processing programs....Pages. 

Ready-Made templates to choose from

I could talk about Pages! I don't know how I ever functioned without it!  Have you ever started making something on your computer and thought, "Is this lined up?  Are those pictures the same size?  Is that line straight?"  Well, never again will you question your creative design with Pages by your side. These magical blue lines will occur on your document when something is lined up evenly-it's glorious!  Adding clipart? Easy-drag & drop it, move it anywhere your little heart desires, and admire it. Stuck on ideas for a template or layout?  No problem.  Get bea-u-tiful ideas ranging from newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, cards/ invitations, business cards, certificates, resumes, envelopes, reports, and muchos mas! Worried about having to convert your existing Word documents? Ain't nobody got time for that! Let pages take care of it for you!  You don't need to purchase the entire box set to obtain this miracle working program-download it instantly at the App store {they even have an iPad version}.  It really is a teacher's BFF. 

photo credit @pagesformac 

Ready to dive in?  Here is a helpful video to get you up and running! You'll be devouring it whole!  Don't say I didn't warn you...

So, it's time to call it quits with that dusty, clunky PC and join me in my love affair of everything Mac.  The saying is "An Apple for the Teacher" ya know. :)


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